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Publié : 12 novembre 2012
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A New Assistant In The College

Les 5e4 ont rencontré l’assistante américaine, voici sa présentation qu’ils ont rédigée en classe entière.

A new assistant is in our college, her name is Gabriella Lopez. She was born on April 1st 1990, so she is 22 years old now. It’s very funny because she was born the day of April’s fool. She is a beautiful young lady. She is American. She’s from San Diego California, on the West Coast. She has got one brother and one sister. She has got one dog, his name is Migo and one cat. She likes playing the accordion and listening to music. She’s crazy about hamburgers, pizzas and watermelons.

You can recognize Gabriella in the streets of Fecamp or in the college ; she’s rather small with a round face. She’s not thin but she’s not chubby. She has got long straight black hair. She has got brown eyes and glasses. She’s BEAUTIFUL !!! <3